Monday, 16 April 2012

Method 7: Listen and Answer mini stories

This method is simple and easy to use. But I believe that this is the most effective way to speak English without even thinking about it. During our old days, we used to listen to our teachers and repeat after them. The teacher might read some sentence to us and we repeated after that. This is the old, ineffective way.

To use this method, the first thing you do is to listen to a mini story. And the speaker will ask you simple questions. And you answer it. He will ask the same question in various forms again and again so that you can immerse those words inside your heart. So, by the time someone ask you a question similar to the mini story that you have learned, you will just answer it automatically without even thinking about it.

Okay. That's about it. This is the last rule for learning English conversations in easy ways.

So, you might want to ask me, "What is next?" Next is to apply all the seven rules all the time at the same time. But "How? How can you cover it everything at the same time? How can you do that? How can you know that you're doing it right?" Of course, I have all the materials that I can share with you for free (T&C applies) if you want to apply those rules and speak English automatically, effortlessly, correctly and fluently within short period of time. T&C is you have got to show me that you're really interested and willing to commit your time to it. I have no problem giving you my time and energy if you have the enthusiasm to learn.

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